Domestic Asbestos Removal

Cement bonded asbestos is commonly found in sheet form as grey, corrugated or flat sheets. This material contains a small amount of asbestos encapsulated within cement, which in good condition, does not normally present a health risk. However, if it is broken, drilled, sawn, sanded or scrubbed, fibers are released and become airborne.

These fibers can be inhaled causing lung damage and possible cancer. Prior to 1980 Asbestos was used in a large scale in the construction of homes because of its strength and heat resisting qualities.

There is a good chance that if you live in an older style property, high to moderate level of lead will be found in particular in the ceiling cavities.

Therefore removal of asbestos related materials from the attic or ceiling and other areas of your home are essential and during this process steps need to be taken to ensure that contamination does not occur.

All State Asbestos Pty Ltd will undertake an inspection of these areas before any toxic dust extraction processes are undertaken.

Do not under any circumstances attempt to remove asbestos yourself but rather seek the proper advice of the experts who specialize in asbestos removal and they are Allstate Asbestos and Demolition Pty Ltd.