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All State Asbestos & Demolition Pty Ltd - Unit 5/70 Christian Road Punchbowl NSW 2196
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Company Profile                                                                                                           Download PDF

Allstate Asbestos & Demolition Pty Ltd has been operating in the asbestos abatement industry since 1995 and has an exemplary record in adhering to OH&S regulations for the safe removal of asbestos and providing prompt and efficient service.

"Allstate” holds an AS1 class licence and has undertaken various asbestos removal projects as follows;

  • Removal of asbestos containing materials from industrial plants, warehouses, and commercial buildings.
  • Replacement of asbestos roofing with metal sheeting.
  • Removal of asbestos pipe lagging from industrial situations and government institutions i.e. hospitals etc.
  • Excavation of asbestos contaminated soil and reinstatement works for Councils, government
    bodies and in conjunction with construction works.
  • Domestic situations where renovations are required.
  • Minor demolition work, and internal strip outs.

Our Clients Include:

  • Numerous Building & Construction companies
  • Various Councils
  • NSW Dept. of Commerce
  • Dept. of Defence
  • NSW Parks & Wildlife Service
  • Department of Public Works
  • Historic Houses Trust N.S.W.
  • Austral Brick Co
  • Multiplex
  • South Sydney City Council
  • Progroup
  • Johns Lyng Group
  • Railcorp

References supplied upon request.

Our company is licensed to carry out minor demolition projects and where asbestos removal is involved.

  1. Minor demolition works (buildings under 15 meters in height), garages, houses etc.
  2. Removal of asbestos from burnt out buildings and demolition of remaining structure.
  3. Internal strip out of commercial buildings (refurbishment).

Vacuuming (Abestos Dust):

Our company provides a vacuuming service, which can be applied in the following situations:-

  1. Vacuum cleaning of roof spaces (domestic & commercial properties, after removal of asbestos insulation and for general dust), industrial situations (factory floors, ceiling beams etc.) using
    high-powered trailer mounted vacuum system.
  2. The vacuum system used by Allstate Asbestos & Demolition Pty Ltd can also be used to vacuum general dust contaminated with lead and asbestos.

“Allstate” ensures that the vacuum system used by our company meets with the appropriate standard and is fitted with a suitable HEPA Filter and complies with: Asbestos Dust: [NOHSC: 3003 (1988)]

Air Monitoring:

“Allstate” ensures that monitoring is carried out by a NATA accredited company in accordance with “Guidance Note on the Membrane Filter Method for estimating Airborne Asbestos Dust
[NOHSC: 3003 91988)”

Health & Safety:

“Allstate” ensures that the removal of asbestos is carried out in accordance with all relevant NOH&S Codes of Practice and that all disposal of waste is in accordance with The Department of Environment
and Conservation (formerly EPA) requirements and at an approved disposal depot.


Friable Asbestos Removal Licence: 200263AS1
Demolition Licence: 200263DE2
Workers Compensation: WC259983
Pollution Liability: EL 83598
Public Liability: 10M 1614660
Occurrence Policy: This is the highest coverage available as opposed to claims made.

This policy is only available to a select group
of pre qualified asbestos contractors such as
Allstate Asbestos & Demolition Pty Ltd

We thank you for the opportunity to submit our introduction and look forward to being of any service
and discussions in this regard.


Paul Lewis
0418 283 574.